CARPENTE is a discreet London-based architectural practice founded on an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of elegant and purposeful design, coupled with a conscientious and empathetic approach to its discerning clientele’s needs.

Since its inception in Switzerland in 1997, the studio has built a global reputation for delivering highly considered, award-winning store concepts for some of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands. This, however, is only half the story. CARPENTE also works with private clients, forging long-lasting relationships to bring the same level of experience, knowledge, precision, design and craft excellence to distinctive domestic spaces. Every project is unique and reveals its own compelling narrative, a story built on the symbiotic exchange of trust, chemistry and ideas between client and architect.

Channelling the inventive expertise and craft of a master ensemblier, CARPENTE carefully considers the relationships between the form, function, feel and flow of each designated space. Only through this deeply contemplative approach can it create a comprehensive vision extending from the architectural framework, interior design and lighting – through to the minutiae of bespoke furniture solutions, exquisite textural detailing and careful Art curation. This meticulous holistic process ensures the harmonious integration of every element to embody a singular creative vision.

Christophe Carpente

At the heart of the studio’s ability to deliver world-class architectural and interior schemes of varying scale for global brands and discerning homeowners alike lies the unique skillsets and mindset of its founder, French-born, Swiss-trained architect Christophe Carpente.

A Master of Architecture graduate from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Christophe’s journey includes invaluable time with architectural luminaries such as Jean Nouvel and Antonio Citterio. Working alongside Nouvel in Paris, Christophe found inspiration in the firm’s strategy-driven, grand architectural schemes. Under the mentorship of Citterio in Milan, Christophe’s interest in and love of interior and product design was awakened in a practice that considered the minutest detail with the utmost care, covering architecture, interior, and furniture design. And, as the head of international architecture for Swiss luxury brand Bally, Christophe honed his expertise in approaching design from a client perspective, and conceiving and delivering exquisitely detailed interiors across time zones and cultures, building a worldwide network of experts and craftsmen in the process.


CARPENTE’s highly competent team comprises architects, interior designers, 3D imaging specialists and project managers, empowering the studio to offer a full architectural service to conceive, craft and deliver exceptional projects anywhere in the world.

Melissa Agard, Office Manager, Administration
Javier Gonzalez, Senior Project Director
Oscar Hernando, CGI Artist
Paolo Mannino, Senior Construction and CAD Specialist
Luciano Ragno, Interior Designer, FFE Specialist
Natalia Vicente, Senior Project Architect

Carpente Team Carpente Team