04 The Boltons

Kensington, London
Floor Area
300 sq.m

This particular commission saw us join two neighbouring basement and ground-floor apartments in a listed Georgian building to create a 300 square metre 4-bedroom family home in one of West London’s most exclusive postcodes.

The resulting contemporary design centred around a spectacular open staircase that linked the two properties together – a shimmering symphony of triple-ply glass and polished steel.

As well as having a relationship with the architecture of the whole building and overseeing the key structural changes involved in the construction process, CARPENTE also undertook the interior design and furnishing of the space. A particular highlight was the bespoke chandelier above the glass dining table made with the same sequin-like material that adorned the double-height wall behind the staircase. Adding modern and luxurious twists helped create a unique and harmonious living space that reflected the client’s family lifestyle while remaining true to the original classical spirit of the building.

Photography by Jean-Philippe Defaut


The Boltons Glass Staircase

To build the unique steel and glass staircase at The Boltons took no small amount of determination: the first three companies we spoke to about building it couldn’t help us.