02 Kensington Mansions

Kensington, London
Floor Area
350 sq.m

CARPENTE was appointed to conjoin two flats on the fifth and sixth floors of a Victorian mansion block near Kensington Gardens. The 300 square metre interior and a 50 square metre landscaped roof terrace were remodelled to reflect the lifestyle and aesthetic concerns of the client.

A unique spiral staircase that leads up to the top floor living space and another that ingeniously lights up a narrow passage to a mezzanine area were the heroes of the completed project – along with a stunning view from the seamlessly integrated terrace of the iconic glazed iron dome of the Royal Albert Hall.

Every aspect of the interior was designed and delivered by CARPENTE, from the lighting to the bespoke marble dining table, all cabinetry and integrated storage, and a specially engineered awning providing shade from the south-facing terrace, the workings of which are completely hidden from view. The design scheme also made clever use of various awkward cavity spaces, converting them all to practical use – a small point perhaps, but one that both impressed and pleased our client a great deal.

Photography by Jean-Philippe Defaut


Kensington Mansions Staircases

CARPENTE designed two unique staircases for this project: one suspended spiral staircase that seems to pirouette en pointe, and another that playfully lights the way up to a mezzanine.